Monday, December 16, 2013

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Fostering A Love Of Reading

I love reading.  I didn’t always know this, as a child I was considered a good reader, however I rarely cracked a book I didn’t have too.  But books interested me, I loved to look at them and stroll through the out of the way bookstores and libraries, such as the one in Topinabee, MI, which resides in an old train station.
It was sometime much later, and I don’t recall, that I realized that books were not just for looking, they were for something deeper.  That something may be different for for all of us, just as the meaning of life.  Not remembering ‘the first,’ I remember a significant experience.  I picked out a book on a DIY rock band.  It was in a Mt. Hood, a really cool book, that was at times inappropriate and other times mirrored my experience in a go-nowhere rock band.  It wasn’t a great book by many other standards, but I had found one for me.
Then there is my beloved author Jim Harrison, who writes about exciting out of the way adventures in Michigan and beyond.  I’ve read my way through all sorts of places in the Upper Peninsula in where I have been real life and also characters I’m sure I’ve met.  I began collecting his first editions and I have many.
So how do we foster a love of this in children?  I have some ideas, and I’d love to hear yours.  I’ve been spending some time on MrSchuReads for inspiration, and being a passionate reader, I’m at times distracted with so many things.  I’m feeling the need to reflect on my reader’s workshop.  The reader’s, librarians, and students featured in that blog are a strong example of a vibrant reading community.  Please consider joining us as we chat on this topic this Wednesday, 12/18, at 9pm on #LIVedChat.  Impact students with your voice and ideas, by inspiring their teachers!

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  1. Thank you Bill,

    I can only become a better me by reading. When I read I travel, wonder and dream.
    What I find a struggle is the sheer volumes of printed texts that can dominate our entire adult thought and learning lives. It seems to happen in fits and starts and I can appreciate that it's the same for the youth we seek to inspire as voracious consumers of the texts. I always encourage parents to allow their child to read in whatever genre that will keep them turning the pages, but that they are also actively present in their child's reading growth. A dictionary to accompany any text will be a passport to incredible worlds to come.


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