Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Join us on Twitter at at 9:00pm ET, on Wednesday, 11/6/13, using the hashtag #LIVedChat to discuss, "Dill and practice, is it necessary?" Chat archive will be posted shortly after the chat.


  1. Another great chat. Here are some additional thoughts I had that didn't have a chance to get explored further.

    1. Drills can be valuable provided that they are tied to something meaningful. eg, piano drills can be tied with a piece a student is learning. or math drills can be tied to a new concept which requires some new technique.

    2. Drills have side effects --- overconditioning. I don't think we touched on this in the chat. But one of the things that's damaging about repeated drills is if the nuances are not explored. This is not just in mathematics. It's important to be actively think about the "what-ifs" even when doing drills.

    1. Manan, I like your point about side effects ... We ran out of time in our #LIVedChat last night, but question number 8 was scheduled to be, "Q8: What are some unintended consequences of drill and practice instruction?" I would love to get some more opinions on this!


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